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July 24, 2007
Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back From the Grave
the wonderfully named "moronland" site has a page for the 13 worst translation mistakes. most of these should be familiar if you follow tex texin's (the unicode bulldog) Marketing Translation Mistakes.

the "moronland" page is kind of unique in that it coins the term Babelfished, as in I wonder if these companies just Babelfished the slogans into another language.

another set of examples why you should use human beings for translation ;-)

November 25, 2006
oh those crazy western australians
after being rejected in three referendums (in 1975, 1984, and 1992), western australia's starting on a three year experiment with DST. great. fine. the trouble is they just passed the final legislative hurdle for this on November 21, 2006 and will start the experiment Dec 3, 2006! oh my. every monkey and his uncle is going to be scrambling to patch servers, workstations and heaven knows what devices.

don't you just love politicians ;-)

for more info:

October 25, 2005
language matters?
you bet it does. just ask the 20 poor slobs who had to cough up 100 new turkish lira (about $76US) each for using the letters "Q" and "W" in kurdish language placards in turkey. it seems that these letters aren't in the turkish alphabet and there's a 1928 law ("Law on the Adoption and Application of Turkish Letters") that requires all signs and what not to only use turkish letters. in case you don't already know, turkey moved from an arabic to a "modified" latin script in the 1920's, pretty gutsy thing to do. i guess they needed tough laws to push this kind of reform through.

this is all news to me....i wonder how they advertize windows there? i know we have a good group of turkish coldfusion users, care to shed some light on this guys?

from CNN.

March 21, 2005
diversity as wallpaper
starting off with the idea of printing all of unicode's characters on a 36 inch by 36 inch poster, ian albert ends up with 6 foot by 12 foot wallpaper printed at Kinko's. imagine that, most of humanity's writing systems printed at Kinko's for 20 bucks. i wonder what the clerk made of it?

September 16, 2004
oh my, Deutsche Welle has produced yet another klingon website (yakws). this is a decidedly bad idea. everybody knows klingons are bad drunks with long memories and i just know they're going to try to do something about unicode rejecting their encoding proposal now that they have media attention again.

i guess it's a good thing that JD's off to china. i heard they're still mad about his blogging about tengwar.

via CNN