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April 28, 2007
g11n chapter: anything else need covering?
in case you missed it, there's a new edition of the ever popular cf wack (ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit) on the way. and in case you don't already know, i handled the chapter on cf & globalization (g11n).

given the timezone hell i recently passed through and the recent US and Australia DST changes, i plan on beefing up the section on timezones. and in keeping w/ben's idea to slim things down, we'll be pushing most of those "boring" locale table comparisons out to on-line appendices. might also add a wee bit on using flex in g11n cf apps.

so before i really begin the excruciating process of revising that chapter, i'm looking for feedback on it. anything missing? anything not too clear? you can respond here or simply email me with your suggestions.


May 3, 2005
book support forums
ben forta has put up support forums for his books. the Advanced ColdFusion Application Development book (with my chapter on globalization) forum can be found here. if you have any questions or find any errors or just plain crazy stuff please let us know.

April 27, 2005
advanced CFMX 7 book released
on the off-chance you didn't know already the Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Application Development book has been released. i was one of the co-authors along with a boatload of very smart people (Ben Forta, Dain Anderson, Jeff Bouley, Ray Camden, Adam Churvis, David Churvis, Ken Fricklas, Sam Neff, Sarge Sargent, Robi Sen,Lucas Sherwood, and Jeff Tapper) with the whip-cracking Angela Kozlowski as editor ;-) my chapter on internationalization (i think it was re-titled to something like "Cold Fusion MX and Globalization") was pretty much completely re-written (top-to-bottom/right-to-left ;-). there's actually a boxcar full of new stuff in this puppy (just like in CFMX 7). i think it's a worthwhile addition to your development library.