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I18N calendar testbed.
Client side timezone offset this tip shows an example of determining client timezone offset.
Unicode display test page
unicode text testbed the famous "greek test".
Testbed for TimeZoneCFC handles timezone functionality, for instance casting to a timezone not on your server.
Solar Calculations CFC testbed, calculates sunrise/sunset for any place/any date on earth.
resourceBundleCFC testbed, provides some UTF-8 ResourceBundle functionality for ColdFusionMX.
javaRB CFC testbed, provides java ResourceBundle functionality for ColdFusionMX.
ICU4J RuleBasedNumberFormat spellOut testbed, provides numeric spellout functionality for some locales.
UTM coordinate transform testbed, UTM to/from geographic coordinate functionality (download code).
MDA projection coordinate transform testbed, MDA projection to/from UTM coordinate functionality (download code)
Locale collation testbed, handles locale specific collation (sort order) in place of CF's listSort and arraySort functions (which don't sort properly in some locales). (download code)
i18n currency testbed, handles locale specific currency, symbols, codes, decimal fractions. (download code)
geoLocator testbed, determines locale & country from user IP (cgi.REMOTE_ADDR) & browser language (cgi.HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE).
clientside js graphics demo, simple example using walter zorn's js graphics library as frontend for internet GIS application.
Coldfusion support forums
ArcIMS support forums
Macromedia DevNet
Creating Globalized ColdFusion Applications
Globalizing ColdFusion blog
Thailand ColdFusion User Group
CF arcIMS UserGroup
ICU4J International Components for Unicode for Java
World UTM and time zones
mapServer free, fast internet Map server.
CF_pullQuakeInfo v2.0 this custom tag pulls near real time earthquake data provided by the USGS National Earthquake Information Center and stuffs it into a query, NewQuakes. Updated version reflecting date format changes made by USGS. oldie but goodie.
uBlocks.CFC V1.0 the purpose of this CFC is to try to determine unicode block (or subrange) from a sample of text. the text sample is stripped of general punctuation, numerics, etc. before being tested. spaces, commas, etc. are common to too many languages to be useful subrange indicators. note that range specific punctuation, such as arabic ?, are retained.
geoLocator.CFC V1.05 this cfc trys to determine locale & country from user IP (cgi.REMOTE_ADDR) & browser language (cgi.HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE). it requires createObject functionality and nigel wetters' InetAddressLocator java class (jar) be loaded. that jar is available from sourceforge drop nigel (nigel@wetters.net) a line if you find this java class useful or if you have issues with the GNU license his class is released under. for performance reasons, the required java objects are loaded into a shared scope (application).
I18N Functions.CFC V1.1 this CFC contains common I18N datetime, numeric and currency formatting functions. all valid java locales are supported. it requires the use of cfobject & application scope (to store java objects).
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